Ayecia started her powerlifting career in November 2018 after hitting her weight loss goal of losing 85lbs. Even with her major weight loss, she still didn't fit into certain dynamics of the fitness community. She decided to take a shot at powerlifting and the rest is history.
In her 6yr career, Ayecia has broken 8 Florida state records in the AAPF and APF federations. She's also set a world deadlift record for the WABDL federation. Ayecia is currently the National title and record holder for the 90kg class in the APF. She is also became the 2023 AAPF World Champion in deadlift only and placed 2nd in the world in full power in the 82.5kg class
After noticing the lack of minority female representation in this federation, Ayecia decided to build a team of her own. And at that time the Queenz of Power was born.
In this sport, representation matters! And what better way to showcase a woman of color's strength and beauty then on a platform as a sisterhood. 
Queenz of's a movement!!!
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